• Associated Professor (Docent) in  New Bulgarian Studies Department, New Bulgarian University.
PhD in Bulgarian Language Studies & Linguistics from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
• M.A. in Bulgarian Language & Literature from The Sofia University “St. Clement of Ohrid”;
Semiotics, Pragmatics, Speech Acts Theory, Linguistic Anthropology, Memetics.
Principle courses in the New Bulgarian University:
• Introduction to Pragmatics (for undergraduate students)
• Pragmatics (for post-graduate students)
• Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (for undergraduate students)
• Linguistic Anthropology (for post-graduate students)
• Semiotics of Written Discourse (for graduate and post-graduate students)
Discourse Analysis (for graduate students)
Main books:
• Norms & Media. Sofia, Institute for Bulgarian Language, 1992.
• Meaning & Usage of Verbs and Nouns, Referring to Communication (The Bulgarian Natural Meta-Language Referring to Communication). Sofia, Institute for Bulgarian Language, 1997.
linguistic, semiotic, and anthropological analysis of spoken and written discourse; semiotics of brands; trials concerning public discourse.
French, English, Russian
Представяне в електронния каталог на Нов български университет:
Borislav Gueorguiev in media

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