25 Slang Terms Parents Should Know

25 Slang Terms Parents Should Know.

ASL(R P) Age Sex Location (Race / Picture)
BF / GF Boyfriend / Girlfriend
BRB Be Right Back
CD9 Code 9 – means parents are around
GNOC Get Naked on Cam (webcam)
GTG Got to Go
IDK I don’t know
(L)MIRL (Lets) meet in real life
LOL Laugh Out Loud
MorF Male or Female
MOS Mom Over Shoulder
NIFOC Naked in Front of Computer
Noob Newbie – often an insult to somebody who doesn’t know much about something.
NMU Not much, you?
P911 Parent Emergency
PAW Parents are Watching
PIR Parent In Room
POS Parent Over Shoulder
PRW Parents Are Watching
S2R Send To Recieve (pictures)
TDTM Talk Dirty To Me
Warez Pirated Software
W/E Whatever
WTF What the Fuck?

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